Saturday, 30 April 2011

house sitting photos

last week i was house sitting for my folks and had some time to go out and take some star trail shots.

this was taken on the cricket pitch near the house, the skys were very dark, there was a road nearby and when cars drove past they lit up the white boards and helped fill in the foreground. 
 this one is taken in the back garden. there are a few streetlights close by hence the orange glow, but there was a garden feature light which lit up the bushes which is why they are green.

both of these were roughly an hour of exposures the first were at 30 seconds each and the second were at 20/25 seconds each.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ive not been out much.

Ive not been out with the scope very much since the super moon, so havent had much opertunity to take some photos. 

The skys have also not been too clear either, which is another reason to the lack of outings. 
although i did get out and do a long expo star trail shot. so here it is.